Step aboard LITHI.

Embark on a unique voyage.



Vintage Yacht

Your everyday life will be left to Oblivion.

Let Oblivion take away you everyday cares and worries

A trip back in time to an era of
refined living and sophistication.

This iconic yacht has been sailing in the Mediterranean sea since 1967, an epoch when yachting was synonymous with glamour and prestige.  Ever since her timeless beauty is being admired by the yachting  connoisseurs.

LITHI has been designed by Naval Architect George Psarros for a Greek industrialist. The wooden hull has been crafted with unparalleled craftsmanship at the Psarros Shipyard near Piraeus. Her mahogany lustered accents glisten under the sun, ensuring a truly magnificent sight both on the dock and at sea. LITHI’s style mirrors her famous sister yacht La Maia.

Meticulously restored and enhanced with modern living conveniences, like 5G WiFi Internet connection, an Audio-Visual Entertainment system and Air-Conditioning, LITHI offers  comfortable accommodation to her guests.

Technical improvements over the years include Zero-speed fin stabiliser, new main engines, generators, a water maker and modern navigation equipment among others. 

LITHI also means Oblivion in Greek, a state of unconsciousness, a delightful dizziness by which the mind sails away. Experience the thrilling Aegean on board this timeless beauty and sail away towards a unique mythical experience.


Enjoy the Greek summer onboard M/S LITHI.  Experience the magical wonders of the islands and hidden creeks, let her wonderful crew spoil you with all the joyful, tasty and enrichening gifts of the Mediterranean …and leave your everyday life to Oblivion.

Sail in style
the Mediterranean sea

up to




nautical miles


at 11,5Kts Cruising Speed

Greek cuisine at its finest. Enjoy local delicacies prepared meticulously by the Chef of Lithi.

up to







The Cabins

LITHI can sleep up to 8 guests in 4 Cabins.

The classic sailing Bow Master cabin with twin beds and en-suite bathroom can accommodate very comfortably two 2 guest. Further two 2 cabins at the aft have a double bed and a bunk bed. The fourth cabin has two 2 comfortable single bed.

Master Cabin

The Cabins

Twin Cabin

Double stbd cabin

Each cabin is Air Conditioned with individual temperature and air flow speed control, each completed with a washbasin and a wardrobe.

LITHI | According to Hesiod LITHI was one of the Naïades nymphs

Double port cabin

The Bathrooms

Shower just like home.
Hot Water. High Pressure.

Unrivalled on this type of yacht.

Classic Vessel.

Modern Bridge.

High Technology Navigation and Communication Systems for safe voyages

Equipped with the latest systems in marine navigation, the experienced Captain of LITHI can get you safely to the most secluded spots in the Mediterranean sea.

The feel of the classic Bridge is still present, even after the installation of all the new equipment, with the distinguishing wooden steering wheel, bronze details and the wooden paneling.

Systems like a GPS plotter, long range radar, echo sounder, night vision camera, AIS, satellite communications etc. are essential upgrades that make LITHI truly unique.

The Crew

Welcome aboard!
We want you to remember your trip

LITHI’s crew is composed of four members each highly trained, dedicated to delivering a memorable experience to our guests.

The service aboard is equivalent to the most luxurious venues.

Like the crew of Ulysses, their bonding as a team has been forged through the numerous maritime adventurous they have shared together.

We take great pride not only for our boat, but also for the care and attention that we pay to our guests and their needs. Our exacting training would not allow for anything less.

The Captain

Rigas Tsalis

Captain Rigas was born in Athens, his love for the sea led him to graduate from the Hellenic Merchant Navy Academy.

Now  as an experienced captain with extensive knowledge in the maritime industry, he is able to equally well cover both the commercial and the leisure ships, with a strong commitment to safety, efficient operation and high quality passenger service.

With over 17 years of professional sea service , he also specializes  in cargo management .

He possesses very strong and deep knowledge in maritime , navigation, international regulations and commercial shipping practices.

His skills include crew management, leadership, problem-solving and decision-making, as well as , effective communication and collaboration with port authorities and shipping companies.

He is dedicated to safety and his high-quality experience of passengers  makes him a reliable captain in all fields.

The Chef

Yannis Polyderas

Yiannis was born in Athens. In 2006 he completed Le Monde – Institute of Hotel and Tourism Studies’ private chef programme and has been working as a Chef on private yachts for the past 15 years.

He is a dedicated family man, always with a big smile on his face whose aim is to offer the best culinary journey to the people he cooks for. His suggestion to all is to try the Mediterranean cuisine as well as some island nightlife! In his free time, he enjoys travelling around the world with his family.

The Bosun

Nikos began his career in the maritime industry working as an Able Seaman on board private yachts. He holds the Skipper Class A license and has been working on board yachts exploring the Aegean Sea for the past 15 years. He is a team player and agile learner with a growth mindset whose motto is ‘think positive all the time because that brings you luck.’

He loves travelling by sea and sees every trip as a new adventure. His suggestion would be to visit the Greek islands and try the Greek cuisine as well as explore some of Greece’s underwater archeological remains. He loves spending time with his family, reading, learning new things and exercising.

The Seaman

Aggelos Bouloukos

Aggelos’ love for the sea made him leave behind a 16-year career as a Computerised Accounting Specialist. He sees yachting as an opportunity for relaxation, delicious meals, true pleasure and enjoyment of the rich Greek seascape always with respect to the marine environment.

His goal is to offer a safe and high-quality experience, continually learning and improving the services provided. Visitors will get to feel and love the sea, whether it is through water sports, sailing, scuba diving, marine archaeology or just gazing. In his free time, Aggelos enjoys running, billiards and soccer.

  • Den

  • Living Room

  • Bridge

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